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LED Tubes

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Just thougt about it, that I have to work with LED Tubes for the first time on a frog this weekend. And I am wondering what is the best way of using them.


These are the kind of LED Tube that works through a separate controller. The controller will be part of the dmx line and the controller gets a dmx value, probably after the par's. Then, 5 (or 4?) dmx addresses will be needed. With the first I can scroll through the programms of the seperate controller, 2 speed, 3 pauze times, 4 strobe I believe. I am not sure if 5 has a function. If I am right, there is also an RGB function active if channel 1 is 0%, them channel 2 = R, 3 = G, 4 = B. Hm, I really though they used 5 dmx channels, but cannot find a manual of the JB tubes right now.


What is wise to do? See this as a fixture? Or just plant it on the faders like par lighting? Then I can chance things on the faders. But I think it could be handy to also put them under the palletes, so that the tubes are red if I choose red to be the colour of the moving heads. But what fixture am I going to use if I decide to see it as a fixture?


My problem with these things is the spees of the programms. It's almost impossible to let them run a program in a speed that suits a certain number. Well, this is a terror party, so the overall speeds will be quite high (too high for me I think, already day dreaming about my well earned sleep and rest for my ears after this party).


Anyone used these things before and any comments?

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I would definitely say its worth treating this device as a fixture. The Latest Takes Precidence mixing will mean that when you pull up the relevant fader (or run the memory), the device will do what you expect.


What is the manufacturer and product name of the tubes? I can take a look at the product and add it to our library. If it does Red Green Blue mixing and other items on the same channels, you'll have to decide which names you want for the channels, as the library only allows for one name per parameter.


With regard the speed parameter, you can always grab the 'speed' channel and set the speed on the fixture after it is running.

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