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Crossfade Timer

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Is there any way you could integrate an indication of how long the A to B crossfade timer (next to the Wide, Blackout and Lock buttons) is set to, on the screen? It would be exteremely useful for long crossfades, as the log. scale makes it difficult to guess precise timings.





Peter :)

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The combination of the log scale and tolerance of the crossfade pot itself does make it difficult to get an accurate value from looking at the control itself, I agree :?


I believe that the crossfade control generates a value between 0-255 based on its position; therefore there are 256 different fade times which can be selected.


It should be possible to display the actual fade time (between 0 and 5 minutes) for each of these values on the monitor screen, assuming they are worked out from a lookup table.


I shall have to check, but there may be room on the bottom line of the Playback Status and Information section of the monitor screen to display the crossfade time.


Frog Reference No 5449 - Display the Preset crossfade time on the monitor screen - to be reviewed.

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