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desklock and active xfades

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Hi y'all - apologies if you've already done this one and it's in the book and I just can't read... I'm new to this desk!


1. How about a range of options when locking the desk? Particularly, I'd like to be able to disable all the buttons apart from go, go previous and the function buttons (and ?anything else?). Reason is that I often have very inexperienced operators who accidentally bump a button then get flustered trying to get back to where they should be and miss a cue - simpler to operate and harder to duck up is great!


2. How about some visual indication on the memories screen that a cue is running, other than the little doodad on the bottom? My problem is that, when you hit the go button, the display flicks over to showing the new memory as active, even though it's still being faded to. Perhaps some other colour of highlighting on the "old" memory to show that it's still being output until the fade completes? And even better (now I'm on the subject), how about a time or percentage display on the memory showing how long to completion, preferably on the outgoing and incoming memory?




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