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Chase speed lost in Submaster

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In circumstances which I cannot tie down exactly I have found that when our Illusion 500 is powered up it sometimes has changed values for the beats per minute for chases transferred to submasters.


I have two chases which are memories 1 and 2 the beats per minute on these memories are approximately (but not exactly) 300 and 250. The two memories have been transferred to submasters 1.7 and 1.12 and in the submaster page the bpm have been set to exactly 300 and 250.


I have found that sometimes when the board is powered up (after being off overnight) the bpm in the submaster has changed to a strange value. Trying to remember, I think the value was something like 98.6. The default for the board is set to 60.


Recovery mode is ON.


Rather like the problem I describe in an earlier posting this problem does not arise every time the board is powered off but it has happened at least twice during the last week.

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Hi, another Bug, a big BUG !


i have stored some chases on submasters with 130, 260, 390 Bpm

after an normal On/OFF, the desk sets 2, 4, 6 bpm in all stored submasters.


bpm in memories are still correct.


hmmm, we've payed 3400 .- eur, 3 months ago for a new Desk, released in 2004, still with those Big bugs !




Or should we buy ETC ? Sorry but i am a little bit angry !

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