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Why do cues sometimes GO when selected

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After I EDIT LIVE a memory, when the SAVE is done and the PW closes, if I use mouse click to select another cue sometimes the newly selected cue runs.


I've just finished programming a show where there are many queues which have multiple follow on AUTO cues - for example 61 will be automatically followed be 61.2 then 61.4 then 61.6 etc. This might be significant - I THINK it mostly happens when I select the last section of the multi memory cues. It might also be the case that I click to select another cue quickly after the PW closes - it might be within the normal "running" time of the cue I just edited.


I was always using the mouse to select the cue I want next and I don't generally click on the memory number itself - just click anywhere on the line in the memories display - usually in the information field - because that's what I'm using to identify which cue I need to go to.


The "spurious" GO doesn't happen every time but is there any reason why the newly selected cue might run in this way.

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It may be that the cue you are clicking on is an Auto cue and as soon as the current cue completes, the next cue (auto) will run.


I would need to set up a desk and experiment to verify this possible explanation.

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