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I can't load show saved in older version

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I have 2 problems about Illusion 500.


1) I downloaded softwares : 1 - Illusion rel. 7.5 - all desks and 2 - Illusion ML 1.7.

I was upgrade my software (from ML 1.1) to 7.5. I have some shows saved on diskette in version ML 1.1. I insert diskette into floppy, load show, and nothing, diskete seems clear. My question is: Is it OK? (ML and not ML software problem?)


2) When I was trying upgrade software from release 7.5 to ML 1.7 - desk reads diskete and goes further in booting without upgrade.

In second try of upgrade was the same situation.

In next try I wanted "downgrade" back to ML 1.1 and desk wrote : System terminated. In next attemps to ML 1.1 the situation was the same as at upgrade to ML 1.7. What I have to do to upgrade to ML 1.7 in this situation (with operation software 7.5)?


My hairs going to gray - today at 8:00 we are starting prepare new musical.


PS: sorry for my poor english.

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If you have an Illusion 500 desk it is recommended that you use the latest moving light software CLICK HERE.


Illusion software version 7.5 is intended for Illusion 120/240 users only.

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