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Implementing New Features - The Process

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When suggestions and feature requests are posted to these forums, they are logged by the Zero 88 development team for review in our regular software meetings.


Suggestions may be given a reference number to allow us to track, review and develop the features required. These reference numbers are included in software release notes once a feature has been implemented. Plans for future releases (together with the reference numbers that are being considered) may where appropriate be published by our Sales & Marketing teams.


As a part of ongoing development plans, Zero 88 makes periodic software updates to products. Some will contain minor feature updates and bug fixes, others will contain major updates to the functionality of the software.


All features which are logged from the forums are reviewed for suitability, cost of implementation and impact on the current product operation. Those which are not included in software releases are kept in the suggestions database and re-assessed for future releases. Suggestions which are not feasible for inclusion (for technical or cost reasons) and those which are superceded by other suggestions are closed.


Zero 88 places the highest value on feedback from it's user base, and appreciates the time and effort of forum visitors when voicing opinions. It is our firm belief that a co-operative approach to product development is vital in providing the highest standards of product, and to offer the best value for money available.

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