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Guest Ben

Help me please, fat frog HTP atributes for movers and submas

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Guest Ben

Does anyone know how to set a submaster on the fat frog to HTP instead of LTP?? i cant seem to find anything about it in the instructions and i would like to do it for atributes of moving lights that are set to the submaster so i dont have to set them to home to stop the movemen/ colour scan etc...


quick responses apreatiated as i am fitting up and running tommorow and time is of the essence.


all help apreatiated


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There are a number of options here depending on what you want to record onto the submaster, and also what you want to be output when you raise the submaster fader ...


In Desk Setup - Desk Defaults there are a number of items which determine submaster behaviour (Sub Data, LTP trigger, LTP trig Lev).


If you wish to include moving light parameters in your submaster data you need to set the Sub Data to Generics + Fixtures, which I think is the default anyway.


If you wish to trigger the fixure LTP parameters (colour, beamshape, position) .. Set the LTP trigger to on .. again I think this is the default.


If you want to be able to record for example colour only, position only data for selected fixtures onto a submaster, you will need to ensure that the program mode is set to Partial (Desk Setup - Program Mode).


When recording channel data directly onto a submaster you can then select which fixtures and which attributes are recorded (eg fixtures 1-4, colour) ... see manual chapter 5 for further details.


If you have any further questions, please drop me an email or private message.

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