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Hopefully I will not get in trouble for posting this here but I can't seem to get anyone else to answer my plea for help.


I have a fat frog that is not very old and the buttons are randomly falling off.


I have contacted the U.S. distributor for Zero88 and they keep saying that they will get back with me about replacements and guess what.. Still waiting.

I have also emailed Zero directly and never got a reply.


Does anyone know where I can get replacement buttons?


Sorry if this does not belong here but it is kind of hard to program with no buttons.......

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Hi, i'm trying to get some advice in advance of going to an sos call tomorrow. The fat Frog i installed in a hotel 2 years ago is reportedly not powering up. from what i'm told, the fuse is ok in the plug to the power supply, and the mains outlet its plugged into is ok. there are no lights visible on the desk, and nothing on the screens. Any Ideas guys?


Thanx, nick.


p.s. I'm now a nurse, and haven't teched since i installed this 2 years ago!

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Have you got a green light on the power supply? Does the floppy drive grunt when you switch the desk on? Have you metered the +5V and +12V out from the power supply? Have you checked the XLR4 connector on the power supply to make sure all the pins are still soldered fine? Is there anything on the external monitor? If you plug a keyboard in, is that powered? If you plug a desk light in, does that come on?


There's plenty of things to try to help work out where in the system the problem is :)

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  • 3 months later...

Where can I get spare parts for my Mambo Frog?

The Master Fader is dieing due to a liquid incident.

It seems that the fader itself is an Alpha brand, 10K, dual fader type.

Does the whole print need replacing or can the fader itself be desoldered & replaced.

If so where can I find this fader and it's exact specifications?

Is there another more easily fadertype to get? One that also fit's? (Perhaps an ALPS?)

Since this is our only desk running the entire show sending it for service is almost impossible.

This is one that needs to be done 'in-the-house' due to opening times etc...

Thanks in advance.

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If you can use a soldering iron or know some who can then it is possible to replace the fader if you take a little care.


Unfortunatley I have found that most of the main (certainly UK) electronics suppliers have stopped doing the 10k linear fader that we are using...


4418000 10K Fader Lin 60mm (Alpha RA6044-201 085C1 B14 01G)


It is a part that we still use on current desks so you should be able to pick this up from any of our dealers or even our sales dept direct.

PM or email with your details and I will point you in the direction of somewhere to obtain one from.

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  • 2 months later...



Someone somehow has managed to bend a couple of the faders on preset b of our BullFrog. One of them now doesn't work and I would like to replace them, so have a couble of questions:


How can we get hold of a couple of replacment faders, and how much would they be?

How easy are they to get at to replace (mechanical disassembly etc)

How much would it cost to get them replaced at a repair agent?


I'm very handy with a screwdriver and a soldering iron, but short of time! I would happily undertake it but don't want to open up the desk then find I need to do masses of disassembly just to get at the damn things!


Any guidance gratefully received (PM if appropriate).


Thanks and regards



Technical Director

Pump House Theatre

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I have a fat frog with a broken chase knob, a few dodgey faders, a dodgy GO button and its missing some fader knobs, the joys of working in a high school are just becoming apparent considering they have a show next week so need the parts for next thursday and also would be handy if you could get off an online shop so i can buy using schools credit card. any suggestions?



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I have been in touch with keith rogers from cooper controls regarding trying to get a new over-ride and chase knob, there was abit of confusion at first as i wanted the actual potentiometer that you solder into the board and not just the cover, i cannot get hold of Keith and have tried for the past couple of days, he did give me a part number last time i got in touch which was 4407400 which when i came to order i was told that it no longer exists?


so i now need a new Over-ride potentiometer and a chase potentiometer



can anyone help?




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