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cue numbers in playback status not quite right ?

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the now and next cue numbers in the status line at the bottom of the screen change at the start of a cue and not at the end. eg if I have this


now next

1 2


when I press go on playback X i immediately get


now next

2 3


even though I might have a 3 minute transition running. I think the display should only advance when the previous transition has completed. Especially as the transition progress is being shown in the same area, it has caused me to panic without need as the desk is doing the right thing but indicating something else.

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Yep, you are absolutely right .. although the outputs are fading correctly between the two memories, the display does give the impression that it is fading between two different memories :oops:


This has been mentioned before and is in our database as an item to be fixed.


Illusion Reference No 4456 - Fixed in Version 7 software.

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