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getting a couple of mac 500 for next week, been playing with our rented fatty,


This may be a no brainer to you binary flicking, cable crimping types, but:


How do i set up a constant gobo rotation? - You know break up gobo rotates and looks really kool? I am having no luck. PLEASE HELP.



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Please note, the following is from memory, and may be for a vari*lite, but I think it works for a mac too:


The rotating/indexing gobo wheel has two sets of ranges on the one channel - ie you go through the gobo wheel on the control channel twice, the first time the gobo will index, the second time it will rotate. ie:


step 1 : gobo 1 index

step 2 : gobo 2 index

step 3 : gobo 3 index

step 4 : gobo 1 rotate

step 5 : gobo 2 rotate

step 6 : gobo 3 rotate


(I know there are more that three gobos, but hopefully this explains a bit)


It may not seem very clear, but the dmx allocation thing in the manual should help..



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According to the DMX data I have on the MAC 500:


Channel 5 is the Rotating Gobo Selection - To select a gobo for indexing set a value in the range 0-155; to select a gobo for rotation, set a value between 156-255.


This parameter is displayed as "RotGobo" on the wheel LCD.


Channel 6 is the Rotating Gobo Index/Rotation - 0-2 is static, 3-127 is CCW rotation from slow to fast, 128-251 is CW rotation fast to slow and 252-255 is static.


This parameter is displayed as "Ind/Rot" on the wheel LCD.


Happy spinning :)

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