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movers with a frog

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Hey people,


Were doing a concert in a couple of weeks and we have got hold of 6 Mac 500's.


Is it possible to control the movers with the normal frog. I would want to program 10/15 chases involving colour change and movement, also a couple of gobo things.


I haven't attempted this before, is it possible?



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It is possible to use moving lights on a Frog desk, but with only 48 generic channels available I wouldn't recommend it :(


All the channels would be processed as HTP channels which are only really suitable for brightness.


The MAC 500 uses between 12 and 16 DMX channels, so you would only be able to use 3/4 fixtures on a Frog unless you paired up their start addresses.


If you had several channels of dimming as well then the number of available desk channels for ypour ML's would be reduced even further.


I would recommend a Fat Frog which is designed for use with up to 12 moving light fixtures, as well as 48 generic/dimmer channels.


The user interface on the fat frog is designed to make programming colour, beamshape (eg gobos) and position fixture parameters very simple, and the desk also provides partial memory/submaster data and has a very nice movement effects engine. 8)

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