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Speed adjustment for movements

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i use a few movitec sl 250, my question is can i adjust with the slide of a submaster the speed of my movement. what i mean is, when my slide is down the movement wil stop and when i open the slide the speed wil be go faster from zero to the maximum.



is it possible




jan vh

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The way that the movement effects work is that they are effectively an extra 6 LTP parameters for each fixture.


Therefore, if you program a submaster directly with channel data or a transferred scene memory there will be a single value for each of the movement effect parameters which will be triggered when the submaster reaches it's LTP trigger level.


So unfortunately, the answer to your question is no :cry:


There may be other ways to get a movement effect speed to go from 0 to a particular speed over a period of time, but I can't think of a way that this could be determined by a submaster fader.


The submaster fader only controls the levels of brightness data (generic channels and fixture brightness parameters) and the point at which LTP parameters are triggered.


Now if we had one shot chases, perhaps :evil:

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