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Guest stork

Chase Speedcontrol

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Guest stork

Task should be moved to add Feature Tasks

(I am not registered)


As there is no delivery for improving the speed chase control, I thinking for solving it on my own with an external device :twisted:


Connection to Frog:

Open Desk, get access to the two Step Buttons (Submaster / X)

and Using Soundinput


Features of external Device for triggering each Step button and Soundinput:


+ Source Control: #Sound, Manual; FreeRun

+ Teach Button #for learnig Speed

+ Digital Speed Wheel #Increase or Decrease aktual Speed

+ Step Button #allow Trigger on any time (e.g. Music has a break)

+ Soundinputpoties for: Level, Frequency (Bass to High), Hold of



+ Source Control is on Sound:

Like Soundfunction in Frog, but:

+ Step is also Working #just adding a step after pushing :wink:


+ Source Control is on Manual

+ Only the Step Button is working


+ Source Control is on Free Run

+ Learning Speed with teach Button

+ Increase / Decrease Speed with Digital Wheel

+ Step is also Working # just adding one step impulse

(+) If I have time enough I am thinking on displaying the BPM somewhere



Having this Features 3 times and triggering the soundinput

I will be able to run 3 ChaseSpeeds for the Frog:

(1) all Chasers which are using sound

(2) Chasers on Submasters which are using manual

(3) Chaser on X which are using manual



:roll: isn`t there a step button in the F.R.O.G section

...ok I need it 4 times :wink:



Anyone intrestet :?:


:idea: is this an idea for developing an external ChaseSpeedControl by Zero 88 :arrow: intrested ones have to purchase :twisted:

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I bought a new fatfrog yesterday, while putting it through its paces discovered how to alter the chase speed!


By transfering a chase to a sub you can edit the chase speed in real time.


1. dump chase from memory to sub 1 page one.

2. Turn flash function to off.

3. Select the submasters on the front panel of the desk

4. Press the flash button for the sub with the chase on it

5. Press edit, "about to edit memory" appears.

6. press enter,

7. Move speed pot to required position.

8. Press enter to escape.


This is a brand new fatfrog running o/s 8.1.1, bios 5.1.1 8)

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Sorry, didnt quite understand the first post, is this guy saying hes designed the unit, can make the units, and hes offering to sell them, or he just thinks that Z88 should make them?

If he makes them (which seems pretty->very doubtful) then I want one! Pitty hes unregistered so no PM button...


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