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Better overview on monitor (small topic but helpful)

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Hi zero88-crew,


for a better overview over the submasters,

I think it would be great if you have an empty

line between the submasters of one "block",

as the subs are alwas 4 together organized, e.g.:




1 Memory 111, Fade Time 111,...

2 Memory 222, Fade Time 222,...

3 Memory 333, Fade Time 333,...

4 Memory 444, Fade Time 444,...













This makes the finding of a physikal submaster

with the screen info much easier, as well as

the finding of the content of a submaster, when

you know the physical fader because the submaster

screen looks like the physical submaster blocks.

And I think it would only be one empty line more

in programming the submaster screen window :D .






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An Interesting idea :)


There would need to be two different layouts of the submaster screen to cover all the desks in the Frog series:


Frog, Fat Frog, Leap Frog 12 submasters (3 groups of 4)

Mambo Frog, Bull Frog 24 submasters (4 groups of 6)

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