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fat frog new user: not manual

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How do you name a submaster?

How do you group the moving light fixtures and name them?

How do you get submasters up with conventional looks and add another submaster with a moving light look...and don't have this one override the other?

How can you turn on and off varilites 2201 from console?

Thank you very much, awaiting your reply while using your console at a show!

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Hi Dones,


most of your probs sound not too difficult:


1. Name a sub:

- press F2

- press the "submaster"-button

(under the "memory"-button)

- press the submaster-flash-button of the

wanted sub

- enter the name


2. Group fixtures:

- select fixtures with fixt. select buttons

- press and hold "Group"-button (or F4 on the FatFrog)

- channel flash buttons switch over to fixture

group buttons

- press a channel flash button

- fixt. group will be programmed on this button


3. Name groups:

- press F2

- press "Group"-button (or F4 on the FatFrog)

- select the group with the channel flash button

- enter the name


4. Subs with conventional and moving light infos:

- desk has to be in partial programming mode

- when you program a conventional memory/sub:

deselect all fixtures and save conventionals

(no "C", "B" or "P" should be seen on the monitor,

otherwise, a colour, beamshape or position is

programmed in the memory/sub)

- when you program movinglights:

all conventionals down to zero, just select the ml's,

adjust the attributes, hold the attribute-buttons you

want to save and press enter

--> only the wanted fixt. attributes are saved


5. Turning off and on varilites:

- I don't know, soooorry :roll:


I hope this helps for the first time. If not, the

manual is very good and detailed.



Greets from the wild south of Germany,



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