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Lighttec Dimmpack

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I use a Lighttec Dimmpack SP12. How can i program a few chases for par can's and can i adjust the speed of the par's when i using that program.


Is it possible to assign every parcan to a submaster for dimming the lamps. we use the mambofrog.


Is there someone who is familiar with this





Jan vh

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All the information you need to program chases is in the Frog Series User Manual, which can be downloaded in several languages from here. Although the Mambo Frog manual (here) is not currently available in French, the general Frog Series manual is, and you'll find a lot of the content is identical.


Currently it is not possible to adjust live the speed of a chase, however this is a much requested feature and is under review for inclusion in a future software release.


You can't exactly assign a parcan to a submaster, however you could program submasters with just one parcan on each to achieve a similar result. You might find yourself quickly running out of submasters in this case though!


To be honest, if you're regularly using lamps on dimmers (rather than a full moving light rig), then you might find one of the other Frog desks (Fat Frog, Leap Frog, Bull Frog) easier to get on with, as you would have the extra faders to control the dimmer channels.

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