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Zero 88 are always on the look out for examples of projects, installations or gigs that have used our equipment.


Newsworthy stories are automatically published on our website and are circulated to industry publications where relevant.


If you have used Zero 88 gear and would like your activities promoted for free, please forward details to me. Photo's are always a bonus :D

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A very good show. Three very great bands. The smallest stage I've ever worked on. Height: 2,10m-2,40m. Two BetapackII, 1 FatFrog, 72 Par16's 50W 12V, 12 PinSpots, 5 mirrorballs, 4 Par64 500W, 2 Codas, some drapes and a Solar250... And a par16 with 250W 24V bulb under the frontvocal micstand. Smoking heavily after 4minutes of use...



...Follow the link. Norwegian Broadcasting Company touring with a radio show, throwing a party after broadcasting is the story...


Rock'n Roll for life. :twisted:



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Great pics :P


Do you have a little more info on the tour itself?


What was it for? Was it just the one venue - or if not how many?


Any quotes from you on how the desk performed - you know how manufacturers love testimonials!! :wink:



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The tour: 4 shows in four Norwegian westcoast towns before doing radioshows each day at the biggest music festival in Norway, The Quartfestival in Kristiansand. The Norwegian Broadcasting Company(www.nrk.no) had to travel a bit to get to the festival anyway, so they simply made a tour out of it. A two hour live radioshow at markets in the town centres in the afternoon, and party at some club, with local bands on stage at night. The bands performing at the parties also played live on the radio. The pictures I sent you is taken at a small club called Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger. (www.checkpoint.no)


The desk always performs great when dealing with dimmers only. One thing missing is the ability to use dimmershapes... And why isn't the F.R.O.G function made to work with dimmers? If you could tag a number of dimmers, and apply a shape or a F.R.O.G to it, hours of randomchase-programming would be saved every week :P





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