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Visualisation (and getting DMX out of Phantom Frog)

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Can't you guys just buy an already existing visualiser? If you want to spend some money on it there are several options out there, and every one that has DMX-in works fine with the Frog desks. I don't think zero will (they shouldn't) start working on a vis. Look at the one Avo came up with: it sucks. Just stick to capture, MSD, WYG or whatever vis you want to use.

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Because i think that the other solution would be cheper, we dont have unlimited budget


Newsflash: if you want Phantom Frog to interact with a visualiser, that means you have to buy that visualising package. The only thing you're saving money on is the DMX-in dongle, and that doesn't cost much (Enttec dongle works with capture and is only 50 dollars or so). So leave the Z88 guys at their work of developing cool consoles please. :twisted:

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I am a university student and often work on the live events that are organised by the union. We have to hire in all our lighting equipment, we have access to a fat frog.


some people may be able to see the problem allready .... different equipment each time and limited time. Not the best combination to find time to pacth and fully program a desk.


Thats why I would like to link the phamtom frog to a visualisation package as I can't get hold of the frog to sit at home and set up a show the weekend before it happens.


Has anyone got the phantom frog to work with a visualisation package? If the answer is yes what package and was it hard to do?

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You don't need a visualisation package to preprogram your data on Phantom Frog. Ok, so you can't do position palettes, but everything else can be done with a little thought and a user manual infront of you. There are DMX lookup tables available for the most common CMY moving heads to give you colour data relative to Lee or Rosco gels, and the user manuals of the fixtures will tell you which DMX values will create a particular gobo or shutter effect. Spending time doing this on Phantom Frog, although boring, will save you hours in the venue. Then, when you get there, you can just replay each pallet and make the changes as required. The things which you can't program in advance (as I see it) are- Positions, Focusses and possibly Zooms. None of these could be done with the addition of a visualisation package.

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Phantom is very useful for demonstating desk principals. This super desk is used in a school theatre & youngster find it easy to use - credit to the designers!


I often have to work single handed & the F.Frog is a long way from the stage! To save my aging body, I use a laptop & Maplin usb/DMX dongle to control individual generics when setting up shows. Is it possible to use the Phanton Frog to control lights from this laptop, using usb/DMX dongle? Would also be a handy backup if Frog ever died, and in classroom for demos as above.

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The only thing i can suggest to do it from a laptop would be to litterally

have an ethernet cable with a keyboard on the other end that could plug into a f.frog

and then write a program to get the router to recieve signals from a laptop and convert them to keypresses

then do the type in number, press go twice to go to that memory.

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