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programming movement for a Moving head

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I Work with Movitec SL250 as movinghead, how can i make a movement program



I have tryed with programming a chase but when i playback the chase my movitec whont do what i have programmed. He transshipment some of the steps.


is there something what i'am doing wrong.



i have also another problem. when i program the lamp on a submaster or SX button for putting him on. is there any other way then programming an other submaster or button for putting him out. I whant to put the lamp on and out with the same SX button or Submaster. is it possible and how do i do that?






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Hi Janvh00,

there are two ways of programming a movement. Thefirst one you described already.:-) But, you should keep in mind to set the speed not to fast for the MovingHeads. Another aspect, watch the attribute setting. You should have set the Position into Fade.

The second way is to use the effectengine of the frogs. There you are able to define circle-, quad-, triangle- and ballyhoo moves very quick and simple. Well try it a few times and excercise yourself. A little hint. Also check the Fan Functions on the Offset and Rotation. :wink:




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Hi folks,


I read the post of Janvh00 with big interests, as a similar problem occured last time while programming a scan chase.

Aim was to create a "simple" line from left to right side of the stage. First I programmed a chase, took the end points of the line, saved them as steps, put the position property to "fade" and adjusted the speed in automatic mode. The speed wasn`t too high (the scans normaly can go much faster) but the scans did not make the whole way from left to right.

Programming the whole thing with the "ellipse" effect with size y=0 made the whole thing work with a quite high speed. And the scans went all their way.

At the moment I'm trying if I forgot something to program or to adjust. If I have any news, answers, solutions,..., I'll post again.



Good night :mrgreen: and

greets to the whole frog community,



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Hi Cassio...., :mrgreen:

did you check you check the chase step amplitude. Probably it´s not set to

fade in/out.


But I will try as soon as possible.






P.S.: Ist es bei Euch im Süden auch so schöööön grau?LOL

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