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1. When in OUTPUTS or PREVIEW memory mode I would like to press the CHANNEL FLASH button and the display go to that channel (like when in EDIT mode).


2. Dwell time in CHASE STEPS (different time for each step).


3. When using a PC keyboard and monitor:

- Next/Previous scene with Up/Down arrow; to me it is more logical (now goes with left/right arrows !).

- Next/Previous field in same Scene (line) with Left/Right arrow.

- Direct value input with Numeric Keypad.

- Increment/Decrement field value with Plus/Minus keys and perhaps Full value with the Asterisk.

- Function keys F1-F6 perhaps could also do the same function as the external switches assignments.


4. Now this may seem a bit strange, but would it be possible for the flashing brackets to flash in 1 second timing ? I found myself watching them and trying to count seconds when verifying AUTO scenes ...


Thanks for Listening

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Most of these suggestions are already logged:


1. Frog Reference 5372 Outputs and Preview screens on LCD - the channel flash and fixture selection buttons should move the cursor to the corresponding channel/fixture on the LCD screen.


2. Frog Reference 5347 Wait/Fade/Dwell times specified for individual steps in chase memories.


3. Frog Reference 5419 Modify the action of the cursor keys, and others where necessary on the external keyboard to relate to the monitor screen rather than simply mimic the front panel cursor keys.


Direct numeric entry via the PC keyboard was added in release 6.


Frog Reference 5369 Remote switches via external keyboard.


4. The LCD cursors flash on a 0.8s (approx) period. On some early Frogs and Fat Frogs this timing is fixed in an EPROM in the desk, so it's not possible to change by a software upgrade. On later desks it could be changed by a software upgrade, but we'd prefer to keep our entire Frog Family the same. Besides, the timing can vary slightly depending on how busy the desk is, so it's not something we'd recommend you rely upon!

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