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Solely my opinion...

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After posting a few notes in the forum, I felt it necessary to post this personal, heartfelt disclaimer:


Please review any post with content referring to "how the console should work", or "the result should be", or "it would be better if", etc., etc., etc., as my personal opinion and may not necessarily reflect any other's views or ideals. Such comments are simply my own personal ideas and should not be taken as rule or law by any means.


OK, now I feel better about making such broad and sweeping "all knowing-esk" comments -- as long as we understand it is all in an effort to make the product progress to the highest possible level for all users.

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We welcome user's comments and suggestions on any new or modified functionality which will improve the operation of the desks.


We cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented, but they are all logged in our database and reviewed by the sales and development staff to enable us to decide on which items will be developed further and implemented in future software releases.


Some things will be trivial to design and implement, others less so, and it is not always obvious from the initial suggestions which are which :?


Some users will prefer a function to work one way, some users another; some don't care as long as it doesn't slow them down - it's a case of "you can't please all the people all of the time".


Any new or modiifed functionality has to fit in with the current style of the user interface and be as simple and intuitive as possible, which again is not always as simple as it sounds.


However - don't let this stop you from posting any ideas or suggestions you may have :)

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