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Fat Frog Speed Control

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Hi Robert,


Welcome to the forums!


You only need to adjust the speed control to the value that it was programmed at, and then it will pick-up, and become active. Alternatively, have you tried the beat function? Make sure both the "Bass" and "Man" lights next to the Drive button are on, then just press the Step button twice to set the speed.


Hope this helps,



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hi, there are a couple of options i can think of:


you could you the manual Bass option, start off at the set speed, then during the song tap the step button twice(quickly).

and then tap the speed back after the fast bit has finished?


or you can use different memorys/sub's.

one as the normal chase one as the fast chase and then 'back to the level you want'


or if its generics, do it the old fashioned way with the flash buttons!! :lol:



Edit: its a slow Keyboard!!

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i have to turn the speed control to max, then down to the level i want.


If you really want an Auto Drive chase and not a beat chase, ensure that the speed control is centred when you program. In this way, you will only need to get to the centre of the speed control (or perhaps just a bit over) to pick up the chase during the show.

For something like this though I agree with Paul and minimac - try a beat chase, you can be much more precise.




P.S. If you can get a feed of that song into the audio input on the desk, set the chase drive to 'bass' and let it chase in time to the music. Sometimes not that precise and neat, but it's an idea :)

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