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Making Movers pan back and forth

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Hi all!


how do I program a smooth back and forth pan?? the 2 fixtures (MAC 250 wash) are on the floor, I have one position pallett on stage left, and another for stage right, it takes 2 button presses to achieve the pan. Is there a way to program to pan right to left and back over and over again without pressing the individual pallett positions or have 2 memories and keep selecting them over and over??


In other words, i would like the lights to move left and right without having to manually press the 2 position palletts


I am becoming familar with the manual, however it still is puzzling.


Thanks a million!!



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You could achieve this with a Chase Memory - these are explained in detail in the manual and on the forum. I don't have much experience with movers, but you could program the first step with the movers in one position, then the second step with the movers in the second position. You could adjust the times and various parameters as desired, and you should get what you want. This chase could then be transferred to a submaster.


I think there is another way using the built in movement effect generator -I am sure someone else will explain this - but I don't know the details of this myself. :wink:


Basically, to replace the 'two memories' you refer to, use a Chase. Hold the Memory type button down for a second or two when you have a free memory selected, to change it from a 'Scene' to a 'Chase.'




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Yes, you can use a two step chase as sp suggests which could be triggered off a submaster.


Probably, the easiest way is to use one of the built in movement effects ...


Select the required fixture(s) and POSITION

Set the pan and tilt parameters of the fixtures to their base position (ie middle of the scan)

Press the Wheel Group button to display the first three movement effect parameters (Effect, Size X, Size Y).

Set the Effect parameter to Ellipse

Set Size X to a nominal value and Size Y to zero.

Press the Wheel Group button again to display the next three movement effect parameters (Offset, Rotation, Speed)

Adjust the speed as required.

Record the data into a memory or directly onto a submaster or position palette.


Try experimenting wih different sizes and speeds to get the effect you want :D

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Press the Wheel Group button again to display the next three movement effect parameters (Offset, Rotation, Speed)


what does the rotation do? does it rotate the fixture more? not sure as i have never had to use this!


i use the fx very often but the only thing i find with them is that when your running a saved fx and then go into another fx, it always jerks back to the start position. no matter how much LTP you put on?

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Rotation doesn't rotate the fixture as such .. it rotates the actual shape that the fixture is doing.


Try setting up a movement effect and then adjust theh Rotation parameter - it's easier to observe what is happening than to try and describe in words :D

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i think we have forgotten to ask whether hes using one of the frogs, or the new Jester... surely it will be quite different...



I am assuming that he is referring to the Frog series of desks.

If however, he was referring to the Jester, then I will pass theh question onto Paul :D

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Hi gress,

you are right, you can indeed control this effect very exact, but it takes soo much time to build all those effect memories...

Using the effect engine is "working economic" as the only thing to do is push wheel group button twice and alter Effect to "ellipse" and tilt to i.e. 50 press wheel button again alter speed to i.e.10 and volila you can safe this motion to a pallet.


Special hint: to create up to 4 other effect on this basis

press and hold position button alternate the "edit mode" to "fan-first" "fan-middle" or "fan-last" then change the value of "offset" to i.e. 45%


Other choose all even devices and change speed to i.e.+10 then choose all odd devices and setup speed value to -10

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OK - I am sold on the built in effects engine! I played with it a little before but couldnt rally figure it or spent the time to. With your example - I set it up and it works great! I just had to reverse my pan in 2 fixtures to the sweeping motion looks better.




I think I am really getting all the features of this board figured out now!

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Thanks for all of the replies!! I will try some of these tips when I get some time at the church with the board.


The Mac 250 washes are great!!! We only have 2 of them now, hopefully get a few more next year when the budget is replenished :). Our church space has a ton of ambient light on Sunday mornings, however the fixures can punch right thru, I frequently have to dim the fixtures down or else they can be overwhelming.


Im sure I will have more questions as I go along, I am new to this, but must say the Fat Frog has been great to learn on.



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Hey jester777,


I run the lights at our church as well. Its been a long road but we now have 4 Martin 250 Entours, 2 ETC REVs, as well as the other ellips, mirrors and 4 color scrollers. I want to get some of those Martin washes really bad and get rid of the color scrollers (or use them elsewhere). I really dont like the colors scrolling along.


Check out http://www.zero88.com/en/news/210

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