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Has anybody out there got a simple way of controling stepper motors.(not via a frog). Ripped an old martin 218 non dmx unit apart for the duck of it and was wondering how would i be able to control the motors say to pan and tilt a video camera. Keep it simple. 8O

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Why not reassemble the control mechanism from the 218, but just for one (or two) channels. That way, you save having to find the correct chips and creating your own proprietry control system, when there is a perfectly good system sitting in pieces?


Edit: Just seen, you say your 218 is non-DMX. What control system does it use? You can get protocol converters for DMX-Martin protocol, and of course, DMX-Analogue. If it doesn't accept an external input, then I guess i'm barking up the wrong tree. You may, however, be able to salvage some of the chips.

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