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Select source when programming submasters/memories

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Don't know if this has been suggested before, and don't think it exist's as a current feature, so here it is:


What about having a way to select one, or more sources, say generic and fixtures when programming memories and/or submasters?


It would really make life easier for folks like me, who work in a (small) pub, where most of the bands doesn't bring their own lighting tech, the stagelighting is required in order to work on stage before a show, time is scarse before the concert starts, and where in 90% of the cases, nobody have a clue as to what they sounds like.


If I could choose between say, all; fixtures and generic, it would enable me to program memories containing fixtures only, while at the same time having the generic lighting on, without affecting the memories.



Another suggestion: How about a stand-by function for the submaster (and memories), where you would be able to select the next submaster/memory to be executed, with the moving heads going into the correct starting positions, with all the attributes set.

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The idea of excluding brightness channels from programming (for use as working lights etc) has been brought up before, CLICK HERE for one example.


Once tracking is implemented, you will be able to exclude any brightness channel from being recorded:


Frog Reference 5539 - Ability to tag brightness and tracking for the memory stack.


The other stand-by function you suggest is covered by the following:


Frog Reference 5351 - Auto Move while Dark.

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