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Hi all,


I have a fat frog with conventionals and 2 Martin MAC250 wash units.


I am a novice at programming movers, however I was able to set a few scenes and load them into memory and submasters. I also created a few palletts for color and position.


My question is this: How do I access color and position at the same time using palletts?? I am limited to either or using the flash buttons, I would like to more on the fly/live effects with the movers. For example, i would like to have a scene in submaster 1 with conventionals and the movers. I would like to have the movers change position and color using the palletts, it is hard to press position button and the flash button then very quickly press color then the pallett flash button.


Am I making sense??




Daron :lol:

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AFAIK it is not possible to use color and position palletts at the same time :( But just flashing your submaster (with one hand) and then pressing a pallett button (with your other hand) should be possible if you 'lock' your preset flashs as palletts (via F1 + color/beamshape/position).


@Zero88: Perhaps it would be a nice featuere to be able to lock all the color/beamshape/position at the same time (having 8 color/bs/position palletts, each) and/or to be able to put more than one function (color/bs/position or perhaps even a oneshot-chase) to one ("universal-") pallett.


@jester777: If you allways want the same things changing after hitting your submaster-flash, use a oneshot-chase, eg. generics and fixtures blue and after one second fixtures moving to audience, changing color to white.





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playing around with phantom frog i found another solution:


let's take the same situation, blue scene, fading the fixtures to the audience, changing color to white, so


1. put the blue scene to a memory, let's say no. 50

2. put the blue and white scne to next memory, no. 51 in this example


Then flash your memory 50 (ok, no flash button, but the fader should work, too ;) ) and then press "GO" :)


And if you don't like "flashing" via fader, start with (empty or let's say "dark") memory 49 (and get Memory 51 to jump to Mem 49) .


So open memory fader, memory 49, hit go -> blue scene, hit go -> blue scene moving to blue and white scene, hit go -> darkness. Don't forget to play around with fade times ... Cool ha? :)

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