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Auto Move While Dark


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Every effect can be acheived, it's just the amount of work you're willing to put into it, that's true... But the way the topicstarted means to do it is impossible; that's like the "move while dark" function requested in other topics :)

So I guess were both a little bit right :)

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To say that it's not possible is incorrect 8O


It is possible to achieve the effect you require :)


However, the main issue is that with the current user interface design and software implementation it is not a simple one button operation that some would prefer :P


Thanks for the replies. It isn't really the auto move while dark I am trying to achieve as i just want to do it between 2 cues that are already sequenced next to each other (so the desk doesn't need to look forward in the programming) I was just after a similar feature to the LTP trigger level available in Submasters but while programming memories. No probs though I can continue doing it with point q's, just trying to be lazy!

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The n-shot chase will be your friend :mrgreen:


Make a chase: Fade in :00:02:00 Fade out:00:02:00

[*]Step1 set brightness to 0%

[*]Step2 bring fixtures to new position (be sure your brightness is at 0% after positioning them)

now set the chase parameters Speed etc.:

make it a 1 Shot


this should do what you want ...

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Hi All,


I've read through countless release notes, the forums & tried to look for the Frog Ref No everywhere (5351) but I can't seem to work out/ find if "Move While Dark" has been implimented in any recent software or BETA release and if so how to use it!


Could someone clarify? It would be a great feature!


Many Thanks,



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Refering to an earlier question posted to do with moving in blackout, Can I confirm; is this where the fixture will go from a blackout cue to the next state but move into posistion before bringing up its intensity? If so this would prove a very useful feature.


Also what is dwell time? and what is the practical use of this feature? I've tried experimenting with it, but cannot see any change to either the fixture or the desks behavour. I would be very glad for an explanation as its been puzzling me for some time. (using Robe 575AT)

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Yes, Auto Move while Dark (Frog Reference 5351) is broadly speaking what you describe.


The Dwell Time only applies when the Trigger is set to 'Auto' (default is 'Go'). It is the time that the desk waits after the fade to a cue is completed, before it automatically triggers the next cue.

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What i need to know is how do i access the auto move on black function? and can i use it on intelligent fixtures even if conventional fixtures are turned up on the desk?


I'm using a fat frog desk with 48 conventional channels and then 4 movers aswell. It's in a school and the desk hasn't been upgraded for a while so i'll need to upgrade the software to version 10.8 (?)


Or am i being stupid and its right there infront of me in the release notes of 10.8?




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