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No sound multi's

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Well been lazy at a gig the other day, instead of running my dmx snake I jumped into a spare channel on the noiseboy's multi. BUT! unknowen to me the monitor desk was been used for the gig, and yes it happened the monitor noiseboy turned on the phantom power on the channel I was using for the dmx, the nodding buckets and dimmers went mad as a result of 48DC volts attacking there soft bits.

Now the fatfrog seemed to get away with no scrapes but I'm down six 6 way dimmers and two mac kryptons. :cry:


So fellow lampies ALWAYS RUN YOUR OWN SNAKE!!!! :!:

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One of our crewmembers once connected the 3-pin DMX line from the rig into the 12V current for the desklight... I made VERY sure he was not supposed to do that, and that we wouldn't appreciate it if he did the same trick once more :)


Luckily the equipment responds better to 12V, nothing was broken. I was very glad because we had some rentall stuff with us that day.

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