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DMX B out on desk problem

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I was rigging and programming for a show yesterday in a Church we do some work for and when I pluged in our DMX line on Output A and their's into Output B I found I had no control of their Dimmers or fixtures. I then noticed that the LED on Output B was not on. Now I know that they are in parallel and my dimmers and movers were working and everything adressed right so I swapped lines and now I had control of everything. I swapped them back and only control of my stuff. I swapped back and did what i needed to do and all seems to be alright, although the Led on Output B is still out. Any ideas?

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The 2 outputs are not quite in parallel. They each have their own RS485 transceiver. Sounds very much like there may be a problem in one of the transceiver circuits. Get the board back to your dealer, they should be able to sort it out.

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