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flashing memory and submaster buttons?

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well what happened was someone knocked the monitor, and for some reason this triggered something weird on the desk,


when one changes the function, for instance, the submasters or memories or preview, outputs the led's in them flash, as if its in test mode..., then pressing the submaster flash buttons does the same, press it it starts flashing, and press it again and it stops flashing.


could it have been the knock, or is there something i'm missing...




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The only thing I can think of is if the F3 button was pressed on either the desk or the external keyboard. This could put the desk into 'Live individual Chase adjustment mode' whereby you can select individual chases and adjust their parameters live. If you pressed F3 and were to then press the Submaster or Memories button, as you describe, I think they would flash, as would the submaster flash buttons.


So basically, all I can think of is that F3 was pressed :)



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