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Weird problem

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I've a very weird problem with a fat frog:


I had running a Griven Colorway fixture on a fat frog that isn't running well. So I tried that fixture on my other fat frog, and !! on that fat frog, the fixture runs normal!


The fixture works on a frog with bios 2 and software 9.6, and doesn't work on a frog with bios 5 and software 9.8!!!


I tried, other dmx addresses, other software, faders instead of a fixture button, the dmx patch of the tables is the same, the output of the tables is the same, the settings are the same.


But then i found a very weird thing:


-the fixture had 5 channels

-when I patch the fixture @ 4-5-6-7-8, it doesn't work well, but when i fade in fader 3, which isn't patched, it Works!!!

-fader 3 has NO dmx address, when i set fader 3 @ 100 %, it works.


How can i solve that problem??? :roll:





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This sounds quite weird. If you go into the DMX outputs screen (Outputs screen then press +) you can see exactly what DMX information is being output. Have a look and see if it is as it should be. I.e. set each desk up the same and see if the same DMX information is being output. If it's different then there could be a fault with the desk.



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Please can you give further information as to exactly which Griven Colorway fixture you assigned and patched as there are four different fixture types defined in the Zero 88 fixture library, with similar but slightly different profiles.


Two of these fixture types are composite fixtures in which the shutter channel is in a separate subfixture and therefore has to be patched to a separate DMX address from the rest of the channels on the fixture.


Is it possible you assigned different fixture types on the two desks ?

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