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Naming Fixtures


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My first post having joined the legion of Frog owners; a Mambo to be precise.


It appears that I can name just about anything on the desk other than fixtures. I've RTFM but am still none the wiser which makes me think that you can't?


With 96 of them on the Mambo to keep track of I need something other than a pad of paper :D

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At the moment you cannot name fixtures that are assigned on the desk. With the original Fat Frog this was not a major problem as you only had a maximum of 12 fixtures, but with addition of the Leap Frog (24) and Bull Frog (24) and especially the mambo frog (96) I can see how trying to remember what each fixture was can become tricky :?


Frog Reference No 5527 - Ability to name fixtures on the desk - to be reviewed.

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