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I'm looking for a design to build a new Frog case for out LeapFrog. We have two cases for both desks, but I keep on dragging the LCD and keyboard with me all the time. So the idea is to make one (slightly lager) case to fit it all in. The LCD could be mounted in the lid and I'd like the keyboard to slide beneath the console in a tray. Does anyone have a case which resembles this? And if so: could you post some pictures / drawings of it? Thanks!

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Hi Jasper,


On the other Dutch forum (you know what I mean) someone posted pictures of their new leap frog case some time ago.

Apparently they still work.

See this post.


I never got around to asking where they ordered it, but maybe I should.

I still need a case for my Fatfrog.

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I know the owner of that case, and they made it theirselves. I think it's too large, too much redundant space in there. Though the idea is pretty well thought of I wouldn't go for something like this. Also the idea of having it wheels frightens me a bit. First of all you don't really need them (it's not that heavy) and second it's going to tip over a lot faster like this, something I don't like :)


I think it's going to be somewhat like this, but smaller and without the wheels. Thanks for mentioning though, on the one Dutch forum ;) I couldn't tracks these photo's anymore, and I don't visit this one.

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