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Movinglight error when loading/saving show

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Good morning forums,


yesterday I realized that my FatFrog must be a little sick - during a theatre job *ouch*. Now I think I need "professional help" for the desk:


I have the FatFrog console with the new 7.5 software installed.

When I load a show (created already on new desk software) from a 3,5" disk, the movinglight section does no longer work.

It is possible to select fixtures, but the fixture display stays dark/empty, and it is not possible to edit values (position, beamshape, etc.).


With show 1 on the disk, the problem only comes up, when I load the show and switch off and on again the desk, with the following two shows, the problem occurs as soon as the show is loaded from the disk.

Switching off and on the desk changes nothing.


Only when I make a "reset to default" before loading show 1, it works. But after switching off and on the desk, the same problem comes up.

With show 2 and 3, even the "reset to default" changes anything: As soon as the shows are loaded after the reset, the movinglight section seems to be "dead".

New software installation didn't make things better.


Could this be a bug, or does my desk seem to be seriously sick? :cry:




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Well goodmorning


We've got the same problem but it's not only when saving a show to floppy it's also occurring when you've done a show and then turn off the desk with the show saved. When we turn on the desk a day later or so the moving lights segment does not light up and you can't control your moving lights.


In some cases the desk even deleted the DMX addresses but only for the moving lights.


The fixtures are still patched but do not appear in the moving light section and that's really strange


we think that it has something to do with an internal backup battery or something.


Maybe the desk will be at zero 88 on a while to check these things


Jan Smulders

The DJ'S Company

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yes sven i know which version we have on our fat frog


If i'm correct it's version 7.5 but I think we will send the desk to zero 88 because there are some other things that are not as they supposed to be




Jan Smulders

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