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Using the frog Live!

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As far as i know, the way of using the fatfrog live during a concert is by making cool stuff and copying the to the submasters. But what if i feel like changing the colour sudenly? or maybe make the moving heads go out on the crowd and still have the selected color and beamshape?


What i would like to do is to have like six buttons that selects different colours (which are programmed before), six buttons for different positions(one for the crowd, one for the lead and so on..). And also a few buttons for beamshape so that i can change gobos when ever i like and still have the same position/movement and colour.


i know this is possible using the hog2 but can i do this via the fatfrog?


Thnx - leo

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Yes, this function is called palettes. You can have colour, beamshape and position palettes and basically, once setup, you select some fixtures, hold the colour/beamshape/position button and hit a channel flash button. Easy, exactly what you describe :) See section 7-6 of the Frog manual for details. Latest manual downloads available here.


Hope this helps,


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Thank you for your answer.


Are you supose to hold down the "color button" _and_ press the wanted palett or press and hold the "color button", release, and then after a while press the wanted palett? I could´nt tell from the manual and you answer.

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This is possible, you need to lock the screen to the Pallets screen - press and hold F1 and the attribute button you require (Colour, Position, Beam)... now the flash buttons beneath each channel will act as pallet select buttons for the attribute you've selected.

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You can use palettes in one of two ways:


1. (sp's way) Hold down Colour/Beamshape/Position, and without letting go, press a Channel Flash button.


2. (kirkup_xp's way) Lock the Channel Flash buttons onto Palette selection by holding down F1, and without letting go, press Colour/Beamshape/Position. The Channel Flash buttons are now locked on palettes.


If you haven't got an external monitor connected, get one! There isn't much on the LCD to help you along with palettes.

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Thank you for your aswers, hopefully all this will clear up tomorrow when i get back to work and can get to work on the Fatfrog. It's quite hard to understand a thing you never done before without having the frog infront of you ;)


Thank you all again!

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If you want to try stuff out at home then why not just have a go on the OLE; THe 'Phantom Frog' avaiable for download off the zero88 downloads section.


To keep a button pressed down on the OLE (like colour to see the palletes) just right click and then right click again to release the button.



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Ensure that the desk is in Partial Mode.


Select your fixtures, set them to red using a red palette if you have already programmed one or using the wheels to set the colour to red.


Select the required submaster and record just the Colour attribute in the channel data.


Note - Whenever you raise the submaster fader ALL the fixtures you programmed in the channel data will go to their programmed values (eg red).


If you only want certain fixtures to go red, select the fixtures and apply the red palette

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