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The Name Zero88


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  • 2 weeks later...

Possibly 088 was in that time the district's entry code. But then, where does that lead to...?


When one writes 088 in back-italics, it resembles the olympic symbol. But then, where does that lead to...?


The founder of this brand had to find a name for his garage, so he asked his wife that night. It turned to a violent argument about drinking habits. And hence, she zero, he 88. But then, where does that lead to...?


All historic models ('the early days') had names derived from galactic bodies.

Reference number 088: Where does it all lead to.

(answer: 42)

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Noticed that there's still no 'official' answer...

I think, it was, officially, one of the most bewildering posts on the forum :lol::lol: Maybe there is some great conspiracy about the origins of the name Zero88, and you've stumbled too close to the truth 8O


Perhaps we could start a "most bewildering post of the year" award...??? Any nominations? None of mine please!

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" Stumbling" is not particularly an equivalent of "using logic reasoning".


And, considering the mentioned conspiracy hypothesis, there has never been proposed a brand renaming due to the concealed sipping habits of the successive executives.

All leading to:

Brand reference number 088 #2: What was the initial name of the first owners garage?

(first nomination)

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