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edit program changes all steps

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fatfrog, software 9.8:


for my scans i programmed a 3 step chase with 3 different colours. i made sure i programmed only the colour info in it by holding the colour button while pressing program. However i saw that i had forgotten to take down my submaster which is programmed with only the brightnesses for the scans (for programming purposes). so now i want to take out the brightness from the chase i just made.


i edited the chase and did the following:


- took the playbackfader up to see in which step i was.

- took it down again to turn the brightness off and pressed program.

- i turned all the other attributes to no when the desk asked me if i wanted to overwrite and then entered on yes.


what i thought should have happened was that now the brightness for the step i just edited should have gone while still remaining on the 2 other steps.


This worked correctly, but what also happened was that the colour from the step i was editing was copied to the 2 other steps.


how it this possible?

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In version 9.8, you have to be very careful when over-programming things, that the fixture tags are correct. They may be different to what is recorded in the thing you're over-programming.


This is addressed in version 10.0 (CLICK HERE), since the last thing you played (be it a memory, submaster or SX), sets the tags for you.

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But keep in mind the following won't work:


- start a scene from memories

- start another scene from submasters (e.g. parcans in one colour or something like that)

- program the new scene.


This doesn't work as you'd think it would because the second step overwrites the tags made by the first one. So all tagging into from the memories is lost as soon as you raise a sub containing just conventionals. Hitting program will accordingly only save HTP channels.



The procedure for discarding HTP (dimmer) info from a chase is:

- edit the chase (playback fader at 100%)

- go to the step you want to edit

- press edit again to edit this step

- select fixtures and turn down brightness with the wheel

- press edit again to save this step

- repeat actions for all steps in your chase


Also when you're going to do this in the future: be aware of the fact that lowering and raising the submaster will again discard tagging info! A real solution for this will be the next update including tracking I hope.

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