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Guest parr hall mike

blagging tips

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Guest parr hall mike

just wondering if anybody could provide tips on blagging my way through rigging, refocusing, tech rehearsals, performances etc. on the frog...i`m just starting to get to grips with it, but know absolute duck about lighting design, especially.


this is how i cope at the moment -


1>upon the arrival and the get in for said performers, meet up and inform them that the stage and the control room are a no-stress zone...


2>pacing cigarette breaks in order to get the full effect of the nicotine.


3>using the steadiest ladders availible, others can get away with the shorter a-frame ones, mostly because they`re beanstalks with a deathwish. i am but 5ft 6 and i value my life quite dearly...i always promised myself i wouldnt become one of those miserable scousers off those claims direct adverts.


4>lack of time can be your greatest excuse... `i could have done x and y but, alas, you were 20 minutes late getting in....`


5>if in doubt, blame someone else....`someones patched the dimmer cupboard up something shitty...` and THEN bring the time thing in again... `ah well, best stick with it for the night...theres ways around it`.


6>remember you can`t blag another lighting designer/technician


7>however, everyone else is another matter.


8>don`t accept the tour managers dodgy spliffs if you want to be on top blagging form.


9>you might be able to plot, but know when to duck out of the planned pyrotechnic finale.


10>volunteer for unlockable follow spots at your own risk.


so...anyone got any more blagging tips....




Mike, Warrington.

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i'm gonna get shot for this - most LD's blag most of the ime anyway - i do.


the key is to use big words, and be very assertive. Only joking.


for doing the design you need to talk to the director and see what he/she wants to acheive (sadly there is no way to blag the design) sit down draw the plan and rig.


Rigging is pretty easy depending on the kit you have. Rig first, then focus, then you may need to refocus, then do the plot.


The plot is the most borring part: sit down with the director talk though every lighting cue and what needs to happen.


Either program the cues into a full memory with timing or stick it is a submaster. The key is to mark up your script/cue sheets well.


If all this fails, the following words work well: Wash, Fill, balenced light, beam angle incidence. - just through them around and ope nobody knows what they mean.



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It's rigged for a show thats running aor some time now, you'll just have to make do with whats up there. Ofcourse you can use all the movers.. that usualy keeps them happy. :lol:

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