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pauzing movement

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For an upcoming show I need an effect in my heads. There's a break in the show in which everything has to be pauzed, as if the stage is frozen. I want to program a move with my heads and also a rotation gobo. When the show is pauzed the move and gobo rotation have to be stopped.


I want to do this in the memory stack if that's possible... anyone got some brilliant ideas on this?

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Does the pause happen at the same time every night? If so, its simple - three cues -

Cue 1 - Move w/rotating gobo (Beam=Snap, Position=Fade)

Cue 2 - Stopped w/static gobo (Beam=Snap, Position=Snap)

Cue 3 - Move w/rotating gobo (Beam=Snap, Position=Fade)


If you need the pause to happen erratically, what i'd suggest is to do it with a crossfading cue, plus two subs:


Cue 1 - Position 1 (previous cue)

Cue 2 - Fade to position 2, rotating gobo (Beam=Snap, Position=Fade)


Sub 1 - Gobo static (Beam=Snap)

Sub 2 - Gobo rotating (Beam=Snap)


At the relevant point, pause playback X, and at the same time, hit the sub 1 flash button. When you want it to restart, hit sub2 and unpause the cue. Voila.





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