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Lighting Rental in Favour of the Tsunami Appeal

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I am Gabriel and I would like to ask a favor of all the faithful users of Frogs. I am working at a venue at the moments that are doing a show in aid of the tsunami appeal. It is a “boy band†group called Take Tw*t and they are prancing around in funny costumes and making up their own lyrics to typical boy band songs all in aid of the tsunami appeal. We are expecting to fill out the 200 seater hall, selling tickets for a couple of pounds. I would love to give these guys a brilliant lighting show by using some Macs, preferably four, so one can be on each of the guys at a point in the show. The only catch is that Take Tw*t has no budget because the organisers want all the funds to go to the appeal, not to the lighting hire… The event takes place in Sussex Downs College - Lewes in Sussex on the 24th of March at 5:00 PM. You’re all invited!


So here is my proposal, I need to get together four Macs, preferably Mac 500's for the 24th of March this year. Hopefully to have them by the beginning of the week to give myself time to plot some nice effects.

I will organise transport and will be personally responsible for the fixtures. I can only realistically do transport from no higher north than Chelmsford in London. I would need the lamps and some DMX cables. We have a Fat Frog desk and I have been playing round on Phantom Frog seeing the effects that you can create and I would love to make them a reality!


Any offers of ANY kind very welcome!!! Please contact me here or email gabzqc@hotmail.com






ps. please move this post to the correct forum if it is in the wrong place knine...

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ok well we can do it for a small price. and the lamps dont have to be 500's they can be 250's if that makes it easier at all.



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