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Transfering memories to subs.

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When a memory is transfered to a sub master, the memory counter auto-increments.

This is a real pain when plotting a show as we do, where after we record a cue, we tranfer it to a sub-master, for easy back-tracking during the tech. run.

As soon as the memory is tranfered, being the last one in an empty desk, the memory counter resets to 1

If the next empty memory is a high number, the pain is scrolling back up to the next free memory.


I know you can enter memory numbers directly from an external keypad, but could it operate that if auto increment is off, it doesn't auto-increment on transfer as well? (or better still, have both settings independently settable)

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The Next memory only auto increments if you use method 1 to transfer memories to submasters and this part of the user interface design. This method is intended for quick transfer of a number of sequential memories on the memory stack to a number of submasters.


For example - Select memory 21 as the next memory; select the required submaster page; press and hold down one of the transfer buttons and then press in turn submaster flash buttons 1 - 12. You will now have transferred memories 21 - 32 inclusive to submasters 1 - 12 on the selected page in one simple quick operation :P


In this situation, if the memory number did not automatically increment after each transfer you would end up with memory 21 on all 12 submasters 8O


If you don't want the next memory to increment when transferring memories to subs, use method 2 instead.


See Frog Manual Pages 5-4 and 5-5 for further details :)

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