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Faulty led on fatfrog

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Hi all,


Tonight we bought a secondhand fatfrog, so I'm finally in the club :lol:

I've checked the desk and everything is in perfect order, except a faulty yellow led on fixture button 6.

Booted the desk in testmode and every other led works fine, including the red one in the same button.

The yellow led just doesn't light at all.


Led's don't burn out, so must be something else.

So before I break out the screwdrivers, does anyone have a suggestion what to check?

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Hold the F1 button during powerup.

You can then use the channelflash buttons to select the different testpages.

With the submaster-step button you can toggle all leds on/off

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You may find that it is just the LED that has failed.

There are a couple of reasons that they can go.

It would be worth dropping the fixture PCB out to check the for signs of liquid spillage etc.

The only thing is that it is easier to replace the button than try and change the LED as getting the button apart with out damaging it is a nightmare.

If you want to PM your address to me on krogers@zero88.com

I will send you a button.

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Alright Keith, thanks already. 8)

I'll check the board first thing tonight and let you know.


Update: issue has been resolved.


After examination of the fixture pcb it turned out that some excess solder made a short between both pins of the led.

After cleanup all the leds are now functioning.

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