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Demux question

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the old Zero 88 Demux 48, can do. The only thing is to order an optional Negative Output Board.


The guys of Zero 88 may have one or two left, because it is not produced anymore.


I do not know if the new Demux 24 is able to output 2 different potentials on different outputs at the same time, yet.


Probably have a look at the Zero 88 download section to find out.



Best regards



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The Demux24 can be set to output positive or negative on a socket by socket basis.


The Demux48 is still available, in fact there's a batch going through production right now. Although they're now in Beta2 dark grey, as opposed to the Beta1 light grey as pictured on the website. It's positive by default, although you can fit an optional negative card.


Edit 14/12/2005 Demux48 is now discontinued due to component obsolesence.

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