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Cwmbran's Community Radio Station, 107.5 CROWfm was launched on Saturday November 27.


The station provided a lively mix of music of news, talk and entertainment for Cwmbran and South Torfaen for 28 days.


The "Brain of Cwmbran" quiz show between teams from Cwmbran pubs was presented by K-Nine.


The station went off air, at 4 pm on December 24, playing out with Whitesnake's "We Wish You Well" (K-Nine's choice :) )

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K-Nine's A-Z of CROWfm ...


A = Antenna - Bristling with energy


B = Brain of Cwmbran


C = Caroline - my favourite producer :wink:


D = Darren - has his own planet 8O


E = Elani - singing live on air


F = Frequency Modulation (FM)


G = Green LEDs (see microphones)


H = Hells Bells by AC/DC on Sunday morning 8-)


I = Instant coffee - drank gallons of the stuff


J = Jack Dawes - the scorer in the quiz


K = K-Nine - Kwiz presenter


L = Launch party


M = Microphones - work better when turned on


N = November 28 - my first live broadcast


O = Ofcom - say no more


P = Patrick's alternative adverts :lol:


Q = Questions - I asked 256 of these !


R = Recycling - are you doing it weekly ?


S = Sunday Girl - Blondie (see Caroline)


T = Tea (see coffee)


U = Unique experience


V = Video Killed the Radio Star - Dragonheart


W = Wye Court - the home of CROWfm


X = Xmas eve - the last day of broadcasting :(


Y = Yew Tree - one of the pub quiz teams


Z = Zeppelin - sampled for the quiz intro.

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