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I have been reading about problems with upgrading by Floppy Disk. Is there any plans to upgrade to a Memory Stick feature? If so would there be any way to upgrade older machines to this new technology? I am using a Version 4 with a 9.1 upgrade. Just tried to upgrade to 10.4 but didnt work. I put the disk in and it did nothing but will keep trying.


Cheers Brian

Queensland Australia

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I think that if the option was available to have the Floppy Disk drive changed to a Memory Stick Module would be great for us. We all carry around data sticks with at all times. it would be good to know if the memory stick option would mean that you could still store other things on the dongle not just shows from the frog. Another great thing is the durabitlty of a memory stick they are so much stronger than a floppy disk and less likely to currupt, so al in all i think it would be a great option to have and i would say yes if that option was available.

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As you can see we did consider this option but due to the cost of such an upgrade we decided instead to develop the Leap Frog 48 & 96 desks, which have a lot of new features on top of the usual Fat Frog mentality & feature set.


The lower end of this market place has now been filled by the Jester ML, which also sports a USB port. Unfortunately this isn't an easy answer for you.


Edit: the poll seems to have disappeared from this topic, not sure why...

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This is probabally the wrong place to ask this but here it is.


Can a standard Frog be upgraded to take a USB port?myfloppy disk wont do anything anymore. It just says no disk I think it was.

I am thinking is it better to just upgrade to the Jester 24/48.


I must say the Frog is still performing well with no problems except the floppy.


Thanks for any advice.




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Hi, just curious about the 3.5 drive. Would a 3.5 inch SmartMedia adapter work in the Fat Frog? This is a "disk" that you plug a SmartMedia card in and then insert the disk into a floppy drive. I have used the Sony Memory stick to 3.5 adapter before in the old Mavica camera that used 3.5 disk to store the image. When I searched for one however, it was $$$$. I was about to find a SmartMedia adapter for less than 20 bucks American.


Just curious, I am tempted to just stick it in the Frog but I dont want to do something that might damage the Frog.


Thanks in advance.



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That adapter isn't something we've ever tried, so we can't tell you whether it would work or not, sorry.


A while ago, someone also asked us about THIS, but again, not something we've tried, so we can't say whether that would work either.


If anyone has any experiences to share, good or bad, then please let us know!

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Started a new thread on this topic, then found this one. Has anybody tried to fit a Floppy to USB adaptor in the FROG? These are available on e-bay from £20 or so & are designed to replace the floppy in textile machinery. Supposed to be a simple plug n play installation.

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