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Making a chase and use it on a sub?

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I have a little problem you might be able to help me with.

Programming light-desks isn't in my daily routine but tomorrow at a small consert thats parently my job


What i do know so far is how to make a chase (or at least i think i'v done it right). But then i don't know how to save it to a sub.


I would really like some fast help here!

desk - Fat Frog

light - p64's + Robe



Tnx - Leo

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Assuming you've created your chase as a memory (press and hold on the Scene/Chase button till it lights up on Chase, then record each step as if it were a seperate memory, move out of the [step] field, and play with the modifiers, then press Finish), the next step is quite simple...

Select the chase you want to appear on a submaster (in the Memories screen), then press either "Transfer With Time" or "Transfer No Time" - the first will allow the submaster to inherit the timings associated with the memory, the second will give the submaster timings of 0,0. Make sure you've got the correct memory and submaster selected in the LCD, and press Enter. Job done.

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As Peter says,


First program a memory as a chase (manual page 4-8 )


Then transfer the memory to the required submaster (pages 5-4 and 5-5)

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