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Mapping a chase to several DMX channels

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Here's the other topic as promised. We're working on some big letters each of which are made of light bulbs, and each letter has its own dimmer (ie there's 5 or 6 channels making up each light).


If I have a chase sequence defined that affects, say, channels 1-6 only, is there any way of copying that chase and shifting the channels it references to 7-12 and then again to 13-18 etc? Or do I have to reprogram it for each group of channels?


Or am I missing something really obvious here?







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Hi Peter,


Off course you are able to copy the chase!


After copiing you only need to edit each step (ie old chan off new on) and that´s it! :twisted:


The only sense I see behind that fuss is to keep general chase settings.


I think you´ll faster to reprogram as K-nine wrote before.





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