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Help with CHASE

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Using the BULLFROG.

I want to create a CHASE where Channel 1 is up, then Channel 2 comes and Channel 1 goes down, Channel 3 comes - Channel 2 down etc...


Followed procedure in the book like this

Started the chase memory and brought up channel 1 then for the next step brought 1 down and 2 up and recorded that step all the way to 15.


The results - Channel 1 came on, then 2, then 3 - 15 then all off and repeated.


How do I get a chase of just one light at a time ?


I had to leave the site and came home to play around with it more with the PHANTOM FROG - Can you not program a chase with the software? I held down the memory type button and it wouldnt switch to CHASE.



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The memory type button seems to work OK on my copy of the Phantom Frog ...

Move the mouse over the memory type button and then hold the left mouse button down until the memory type changes from scene to chase.

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