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moving lights and generic flashing!!!??!?

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hi there, i was using our fat frog for a show the other day, it was a 'dance' show. we had limited time so we thought we'd busk the moving lights on fx generator.


however, we were flashing our subs of par's away, and then went to put the fx generator on and everytime we hit a sub it resets every thing.


i know that this is because the moving lights weren't programmed in to the sub, so it resets the fx gen, etc etc. but is there any way of doing this.


also, if i had a half a page of generics and the rest movers, i cant flash the generics without all the movers resetting?


any help will be greatly appreciated.


Minimac :P

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Hi Minimac:

the first thing to think about is setting the desk in "partial" mode.


while programming submasters your Fixtures have to be detagged:



The picture shows a staying yellow LED :)

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Haytech is correct, if you want to use submasters for flashing generics without affecting any moving lights/fixtures in your rig, the desk should be in partial mode.


When recording the subs with generics only, ensure that all fixtures are untagged, ie the yellow LED in the fixture buttons is solid and not flashing.


You should also ensure that the brightness parameters of any fixtures are set to zero as well, since they are always recorded into memory and submaster data even if the fixture is untagged.

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